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Here’s a list of some things I personally love and think you might will, too! I’m hoping to post from time-to-time in categories, whether it’s music, food, local spots, products, gadgets, etc.

Since I spend most of my day at the office (who doesn’t?!), today’s list is comprised of some of my favorite office and/or work-related items. What are your go-to favorites?

  1. Page-Up Document Holders: These things are awesome! They hold a piece or two of paper at just the right angle so you can read and type simultaneously, or do what I do and leave an important list propped up. It’s way better than getting piled under every other piece of paper.
  2. BackJoy: By no means am I a doctor, chiropractor or other medically intelligent person, but with my share of unsolved back problems, this little support works pretty well. I started having horrible back pain in high school and college, and unfortunately still do (and sitting for most of the day doesn’t help). I bought my BackJoy from Bed Bath & Beyond and use it semi-regularly.
  3. OXO Good Grips Pocket Stapler: Not sure if the inventor of the stapler ever won any awards, but I love this mini must-have. My desk gets cluttered with enough other things and I like having a stapler within reach. Only downside is due to its size, it doesn’t hold nearly as many staples as a traditional stapler.
  4. Energizer Premium USB Wall Charger: Let’s face it, anyone who owns an iPhone knows the battery won’t last through the day (OK, maybe if you don’t touch it at all while at work). I like this charger because its cord is a decent length and the actual unit can be used to charge any other USB device. Also, the cord wraps around the hub of this charger, making it quick and easy to transport or throw in a work bag.
  5. Royal Apothic Holland Park Hand Creme: I love hand creams, especially if they smell good and aren’t greasy. I found this one at Anthropologie and I hope it never gets discontinued! I love the scent and it keeps my hands moisturized without being too heavy or oily. It is a bit pricey but I figure it’s worth it if I use it multiple times every day.

I used to laugh at people who made their own everything; you know, the people who make their own soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, baby wipes, etc. I mean, what’s the point of doing that?! Usually the point is to either save money or “be green” … neither of which I needed to do in the past.

Well, karma has come back to bite me and I find myself dabbling into the whole DIY product realm. Not as extreme as others and definitely not to “be green” (disclaimer: I try to be responsible and sustainable when possible, but I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to do so). I’m trying to save money so I can payoff my final student loan and so making my own things has been a good way to save some extra cash.

Today’s project was making my own body wash. I find that personal products are some of the most expensive things on store shelves, which makes sense from a marketing standpoint because we all need to use them to a certain extent. Body wash didn’t seem like a product that I’d be compromising a lot with, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Here’s an easy step-by-step process:


Get three bars of Dove moisturizing bar soap (see note below).


Grate all of the soap; I just used a cheese grater, which worked fine.


Slowly add the grated soap into the boiling water.


Gently stir the soap into the water. Allow the soap to dissolve completely. Make sure you stir gently to avoid excessive sudsing.


Place in a large container and transfer to a bottle once cool; I used a large Ball canning jar to do this and saved a Bath & Body Works body wash bottle to use for refills.

So far, so good! If I like the results from this (as in it gets nice and sudsy, remains squeezable from a bottle, etc.), I don’t think I’ll need to spend money on store-bought body wash again!

Supply List:

  • 3 Bars of Dove Moisturizing Soap
  • 6 Cups of Water
  • Cheese Grater
  • Cutting Board (or other surface to protect counters or tables)
  • Large Pot


  • Dove body wash: $5.99 for a 24oz. bottle
  • Dove moisturizing bar soap: $5.54 for a 4-pack (enough to make a total of 64oz. of body wash)
  • You save about $3.90 by going the DIY route!

*Note: I tried this once before using Target’s Up & Up brand of bar soap and it didn’t work with the ratio of water and soap. The final product was a large clump of slimy soap gelatin. This time I used Dove green tea and cucumber moisturizing bars. 

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