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Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here to do a blog post! Life has been insane and every time I’ve thought to post something, it doesn’t happen. A lot has happened since my last post: birthday, getting back on track with healthy living, vacation to San Francisco, visit from my best friend from college, etc.

Aside from work, a lot of my time has been spent trying to get back on a healthy track with life. Long story shortened, I went to the doctor and got a reality check (diabetes runs in my family and some numbers were alarmingly high, though not enough to classify me with the diagnosis, thankfully). Hopefully doing a separate post about this in the near future!

One of my favorite things to do when I have time (haha) is to sew. A friend recently had a gorgeous baby girl and I made some handmade gifts for her. I just LOVE how they turned out!

I knew her nursery colors were koral, teal and sunshine yellow. I decided to add orange and grey to the mix.

I embroidered her name on each of the burp clothes and made a coordinating summer dress … although I know she won’t fit it for another year or two. I love making gifts for people when I can, rather than buying them from a store. There’s just something so meaningful and personal about it!









Well, here it is, my first Living Andante blog post! It’s taken me long enough quite a bit of time to figure out what exactly I want to blog about. I word-craft every day as an assistant account executive at a local PR company, so sometimes I don’t feel like writing after a busy day at work, yet I enjoy it so much that a blog makes sense.

You might be wondering what types of things you’ll see here on the blog. As the title Living Andante implies, this is a blog about taking life in stride, one step at a time. With my background in classical music, I wanted to incorporate one of my favorite musical terms. Andante means “walking pace” or “moving along.”┬áThat said, I’ll be posting everything from life updates, crafts I create (with the time I don’t have), musical discoveries, things I love about Seattle, culinary concoctions and more. One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I’m a proud auntie to an amazing little toddler girl, so naturally I’ll post some of my favorite “Auntie Approved” kid-friendly products and places.

What are some things you’d like to see on here? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Until next time …

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