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OK, before you start laughing, I need to preface this post by saying I am not by any means a fashionista or a beauty queen. I could live in sweats, tie my hair up in a messy ponytail, and walk around with no makeup if I wanted too! It’s not because I don’t like beauty and fashion, but I just don’t care about it enough to go all-out with it. That said, however, here are some of my go-to favorites for beauty products.

  • Julep Freedom Polymer Top CoatI’m part of Julep’s Maven program (a Boho Glam girl) so I get to try lots of new products every month. One of my favorites so far, outside of the color selections of nail polish that arrive monthly, has been the Freedom Polymer Top Coat. It sets your polish and creates a nice hard protective barrier between your nails and anything that comes in contact with them. I haven’t purchased this on my own yet, as it came in a previous box, but I think I might once I run out of it. It’s $18 so it was definitely worth getting it my box!
  • Havaiana “Slim” Flip FlopsRewind a few years and I would’ve sung the praises of Old Navy flip flops. Fast-forward to today and there’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re cheap and fall apart rather quickly … somewhat expected for the price you pay. I purchased a pair of Havaiana flip flops two summers ago, and believe it or not, I still wear them and they haven’t failed me yet! It’s worth the $15 I paid for them (they are usually closer to $25, but I found a pair at Marshall’s).
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Drama EyelinerI have watery eyes … even when I’m not crying. And my eyes water even worse when I’m in tense situations or when I’m in meetings and talking. It’s super inconvenient, especially with my line of work in the communications industry! I don’t know how many brands and varieties of eyeliners I’ve tried, all in search of one that won’t smear off or completely disappear by lunchtime. I’ve tried cheap brands, expensive brands, “oily eyelid” varieties, gels, liquids … everything. I stumbled across this type from Maybelline and love it! It is soft enough that it’s easily applied, but it stays on well too. It’s about $7 and I try to get it when Fred Meyer has BOGO sales.
  • The North Face Venture JacketAgain, a few years ago I would’ve never considered paying $99 for a rain jacket. But when I got my job and started taking the bus every day, I knew I needed a high-quality jacket that would keep me dry from the inevitable Seattle rain. I love this jacket! I have three right now and will probably get another one soon. Another huge plus is that The North Face has an awesome warranty program and will replace jackets if they wear-out or if something weird happens to them (I once had the seams in mine separate and another lose its waterproofness after too much wear … I sent them in and got new ones back!).

Here’s my next little post about some of my favorite things…this time from the grocery store. I’m probably not normal (OK, I know I’m not normal, in lots of ways), but I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. Seriously, I would go every day if I could just to see what’s new (usually nothing) and exciting (lots of things). My favorite grocery stores are Whole Foods, Central Market and Metropolitan Market, but since I’m nowhere near wealthy especially when it comes to my food budget, I often end up shopping at Fred Meyer or QFC. Nothing wrong with those stores, but they’re not as cool as the others.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite things to pick-up at the store:

  • The Greek Gods Yogurt. I love this brand of yogurt and it’s local so it’s even better! I use the nonfat plain for green smoothies but also enjoy the other flavors including honey strawberry and honey blueberry. My favorite ways to use it: by itself, with fresh peaches or topped with granola.
  • Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce. Even if I wasn’t half-Japanese, I think I’d love this sauce. Of course it’s great for tonkatsu,(Aren’t you surprised?! That’s be like saying BBQ sauce is good for BBQ.) but it’s also amazing on simple things like veggies or rice. If you haven’t tried tonkatsu sauce before, try it … it’s not intimidating, I promise.
  • Organic Baby Spinach. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved spinach; as long as it’s fresh and not frozen and/or canned. It’s so easy to prepare and because it’s nearly tasteless, it can be added to a lot of things without ruining flavors. My favorite ways to use it are in green smoothies, swimming rama (Thai dish with blanched spinach, chicken or tofu and peanut sauce) or blanched and shocked with a homemade soy and sesame sauce.
  • Ground Turkey. Unlike spinach, ground turkey hasn’t always been one of my favorites, but over the past two years it’s been a necessary item on my grocery list. It’s healthy and versatile. I use it in a variety of recipes (I hope to post most recipes on this blog soon) and so far only dislike it as taco meat. Something about the extremely low fat that makes it a weird texture for me when used in tacos. My favorite ways to use it: spinach and jalapeno burgers, Mediterranean meatloaf, bean and kale soup, or yakisoba.
  • Odwalla Superfood. Sure, it’s green, thick and expensive, but this stuff is amazing. I prefer making my own smoothies with my Vitamix, but when I’m in a pinch (or if it’s on sale), I love some Odwalla.

What are some of your favorite grocery items? I’d love to hear about what things you keep on your grocery list!

Here’s a list of some things I personally love and think you might will, too! I’m hoping to post from time-to-time in categories, whether it’s music, food, local spots, products, gadgets, etc.

Since I spend most of my day at the office (who doesn’t?!), today’s list is comprised of some of my favorite office and/or work-related items. What are your go-to favorites?

  1. Page-Up Document Holders: These things are awesome! They hold a piece or two of paper at just the right angle so you can read and type simultaneously, or do what I do and leave an important list propped up. It’s way better than getting piled under every other piece of paper.
  2. BackJoy: By no means am I a doctor, chiropractor or other medically intelligent person, but with my share of unsolved back problems, this little support works pretty well. I started having horrible back pain in high school and college, and unfortunately still do (and sitting for most of the day doesn’t help). I bought my BackJoy from Bed Bath & Beyond and use it semi-regularly.
  3. OXO Good Grips Pocket Stapler: Not sure if the inventor of the stapler ever won any awards, but I love this mini must-have. My desk gets cluttered with enough other things and I like having a stapler within reach. Only downside is due to its size, it doesn’t hold nearly as many staples as a traditional stapler.
  4. Energizer Premium USB Wall Charger: Let’s face it, anyone who owns an iPhone knows the battery won’t last through the day (OK, maybe if you don’t touch it at all while at work). I like this charger because its cord is a decent length and the actual unit can be used to charge any other USB device. Also, the cord wraps around the hub of this charger, making it quick and easy to transport or throw in a work bag.
  5. Royal Apothic Holland Park Hand Creme: I love hand creams, especially if they smell good and aren’t greasy. I found this one at Anthropologie and I hope it never gets discontinued! I love the scent and it keeps my hands moisturized without being too heavy or oily. It is a bit pricey but I figure it’s worth it if I use it multiple times every day.
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