Here’s another Auntie Approved post! My niece was outgrowing her infant car seat and so we decided to purchase a new convertible car seat for her to use when she comes to visit us in Seattle.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when car seats are installed incorrectly or when the buckles aren’t tight enough. I guess this comes from my many years of babysitting and nannying … being responsible for someone else’s child(ren) has made me super cautious about safety, especially when traveling in the car.

Before my niece and sister came out to visit (they live across the country), I did a lot of research on which car seat to purchase. I really love the Britax line of car seats, but as infrequently as my niece visits, it didn’t seem worth the extreme prices of that brand. I opted for this car seat: Graco’s My Ride 65 Safety Surround.

Graco My Ride 65 Safety Surround in Capri

Here are some of the reasons why it’s one of my Auntie Approved products:

  • It has lots of cushy padding in the seats. So many car seats lack this and it’s hard to think of a kid having to sit in a plastic shell for extended amounts of time. This seat features body pillows and head cushions, which can easily be removed as the child gets older and bigger.
  • It fits in the car, both in rear-facing and front-facing modes. We drive a standard size SUV and it’s incredible how hard it can be to get a car seat to fit properly, even with a “big” car!
  • The buckles and straps adjust easily. Of course we haven’t used this on a daily basis, but we haven’t run into any problems with the straps twisting or buckles jamming.
  • It accommodates kids for a long time. My niece is just over 20 pounds right now, but this will fit her until she reaches 65 pounds, which is typically (here comes my nanny knowledge again!) when kids can use a booster. Why buy more car seats than you need to?!

Some things I wish this car seat had:

  • Better LATCH installation attachments (like this); these work, but it’s difficult to remove the car seat from the car once it’s installed. These ones work more like a carabiner vs. the ones (that I like) that work like a seatbelt. 
  • No-thread harness straps (like this); again, not a big deal since we don’t use this all the time, but if it were for my own child, I’d probably want something that I don’t have to re-thread as the child gets taller.